How It All Started

One World Connect was started by sisters Martha David, an occupational therapist, and Cristina David-Tan, a doctor.

When Martha became an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in 2002, she found steep charges, delayed transfers and poor exchange rates by banks and money service companies were common practice. The total amount deducted made a considerable dent to the amount received back home in the Philippines.

Darwyn Palenzuela is a veteran in building robust technology platforms to ensure that the system is safe, secure and easy to use.

Currently, One World Connect operates in the UK, Australia and the Philippines. The company is also licensed in Canada and is aimed at commencing operation in the last quarter of 2021.


Our mission is to provide superior digital remittance service that is fast, reliable, safe, with the lowest cost and best exchange rates for OFWs and other Filipinos wanting to send money to the Philippines.

Our vision is to be the global remittance company of choice trusted by OFWs and other Filipinos worldwide.

We do this by offering you our:

Best exchange rates with low transfer fees

One World Connect uses mid-market exchange rates which means we will give you the best possible exchange rate available in the market. Since our systems are all digital, we have small operational costs which allow us to pass these savings to you in the form of low transfer fees which are extremely competitive.

No hidden fees

When you send with One World Connect, we show you how we convert your money. The exchange rate is guaranteed and the cost of transfer is clear and transparent.

What you see is what your recipient will receive. No sudden mark up, no changes on the exchange rate, no hidden fees.

Fast and Reliable

One World Connect provides a one-day banking transfer when you need your family to receive their money as quickly as possible. This means that your loved ones can receive money on the same day you’ve sent it. Once we receive your funds, we process it immediately to make sure that they receive the money as quickly as possible.

From sending money for their birthday, education, medicine or day to day living, One World Connect is there for you to ensure those you care about receive your financial gift reliably and on time.

Send money anywhere, anytime

Send money any time of the day or night. No matter where you are, as long as you are online and have access to a phone, tablet or a computer, you’ll be able to send money with One World Connect and keep track of your transfer status. With our secure and reliable systems, we guarantee around the clock access.

You have the choice for your recipient to receive the money in their bank account, via cash pick up point or mobile money.

You can be on the go and send money safely using our secure app or website. You are our priority and with One World Connect, we make sure your money transfer is secure and guaranteed to reach your recipient in the manner of your choosing.

With our numerous trusted local partners, you can opt for cash pick up, bank deposit or mobile money. Choose how your recipient receives your money transfer.

Bank deposit

We can remit the money straight to your chosen bank account.

Cash pick up

This is when physical cash can be collected by your recipient within our extensive local partner networks. No additional fees will be taken from your recipient. Make sure the recipient brings –

  • Valid photo ID showing their full name matching the details supplied on the transaction. It is crucial that the name on the ID is exactly the same as the recipient on the transaction. So please ensure that this is correct before sending.
  • Transaction reference which you would need to share with your recipient when the cash is ready for collection at the location of your choice. The transaction reference will be emailed to you. Alternatively, you can also view this on your One World Connect account. Just log into your account, navigate to Activity.

Our cash pick up points:

We can remit to your recipient’s GCash or Paymaya accounts.