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Pay suppliers, contractors and business partners globally with no hidden fees or charges.
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Safety and Security

Fraud protection, 24/7 monitoring and secure encryption technology make requesting payments less stressful.

Transparency with Tracking

Monitor and track your payments every step of the way to provide you with peace of mind.

No hidden fees or charges

One World Connect clearly displays any fees as well as exact rates used to exchange between currencies.

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1. Sign up for free

Register for free on the One World Connect website or DOWNLOAD our app.


2. Specify amount you want to send

Enter the amount you want to send, and we'll clearly tell you the fees upfront, the amount your recipient will receive and when the money will arrive.


3. Add who you want to send to

Enter your recipient's details


4. Verify your identity

As One World Connect is a regulated company we ensure your money is safe by verifying your details.


5. Pay for your transfer

Send money via bank transfer, and debit or credit card.


6. Get confirmation once received!

Your sending is complete! We'll track your transfer and provide you real-time updates on the status. We'll also inform your recipient when their money will arrive.

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