Document Verification Requirements

In order to verify or to update your One World Connect account, we may require you to send the following documents indicated below to validate your identity.

For guidelines on document submission, please see information at the end of this article

  1. Valid Government Issued ID Document
    Valid documents include:
    • Passport
    • Drivers license
    • National identity card (front + back)

    Other valid government-issued ID may be accepted if it has your full legal name, photo, date of birth and issue and expiry dates all on the front of your ID.

    Please make sure that your ID photos/scans meet these image requirements.

  2. Proof of Residence Document
    Proof of residence documents must contain your name, address and be dated less than 3 months ago from the date of submission.

    We do NOT accept P.O. Box addresses from any country.

    Valid documents include, but are not limited to:
    • Bank statement
    • Credit card statement
    • Utility bill (water, electricity, gas, internet, phone)
    • Payroll statement -or- Official salary document from employer
    • Insurance statement
    • Tax document
    • Residence certificate

    For documents in languages that use non-Latin characters (such as Chinese, Thai, Hebrew, Russian, Greek, etc.), a notarized translation of your proof of residence document will greatly speed up processing time.

  3. Valid NI (National Insurance Number) or equivalent

  4. Face Photo
    •There may also be other situations where we would require you to submit either a Face Photo or an ID Confirmation Photo.

    • In these case, the Face Photo and ID Confirmation Photo can either be taken using your device’s camera or uploaded from the computer.

Document submission guidelines